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Tema Harbor Singers (b. c. 1931)

Tema, population 209,000 (2005), is a city on the Atlantic Ocean coast,

east of the capital city of Accra, in the region of Greater Accra, in Ghana, West Africa.

Originally a small fishing village, it grew after the construction of a large harbor in 1961 and is now the nation's largest sea port. It is also home to an oil refinery and is an important centre of manufacturing. It is linked to the capital by railway and a highway. Tema is one of Ghana's two deep seaports; Sekondi Takoradi is the other. Tema is the nearest city to the geographical position of 0 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude (which lies several hundred miles south in the Bight of Benin).

Tema originates from the Ga words "Tor" ("Gourd," after the crop locally raised) and "Man" (Town or City). This altered and evolved mainly due to the Europeans, and became Tema.

Ghana - Tema Harbor Worksong

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