Friday, January 7, 8225

Gillebert de Berneville (1225-1280) - Cowhorn

[Winter at Cap Blanc Nez (Cape White Nose), near Berneville, France]

Gillebert de Berneville (1225-1280) (Trouvere) - Ballad "De moi dolereus" (Cowhorn)

The Swedish cowhorn is a primitive musical instrument constructed from the natural horn from livestock. The instrument has no mouthpiece, and possesses 0 to 5 holes. The cowhorn was used in the Swedish Fäbodskultur (type of shepherds' culture), mostly by women, both for communication and to scare other animals, like wolves and bears. The bigger the cowhorn is, the easier it is to play.

[8240 Kyrie Trope / 8225 Berneville Cowhorn / 8225 Aquinas]