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Steven Clark (b. 1968)

Steven Clark (b. 1968) is a native Bay Area composer, producer, and performer whose concert music has been performed by Earplay, the Arditti String Quartet, and the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra. His film scores have been heard at the Sundance Film Festival and he has created music for video games, television commercials, theater, and produced remixes for the Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, and Madonna.


Amok Time

is based on the classic episode of Star Trek (the original series) of the same name. Performers (William Loney - Captain Kirk, Karl Coryat - Mr. Spock, Mark Alburger - Dr. McCoy, Suzanna Mizell - Lt. Uhura / Stonn, Cynthia Weyuker Mr. Chekov / T'Pring / Musical Saw, Susan Clarke - T'Pau) stand in front of a projection of the TV show and sing, often synchronized to the dialogue. Clark's music is superimposed on the Alexander Courage / Gerald Fried score, and derived from original's instrumental and vocal pitches and rhythms in overture, recitative, aria, and choral contexts.

The excerpt above is from Clark's rehearsal audio, featuring voice synthesizer. The opera is online at

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