Wednesday, April 1, 9057

Music Appreciation

Diablo Valley College
San Ramon Campus
Music Appreciation

Music 110-9287
Summer 2018

Dr. Mark Alburger


Course Information

Unit Credit:
3, Grade Code SC - grade or credit / no credit.



Meeting Time:
MTWTh 10:30am-12:35pm

It is the student's responsibility to notify the records office of a withdrawal.



(707) 474-7273



Office Time and Place:

Th 12:35-1:05pm


Selections from:
Mark Alburger - Music History


No. 2 pencil (with built-in eraser)
Computer access

Course Description

This is a course in music history, literature, and listening.

Music Appreciation 110 is the study of the fundamentals of music (primarily Western), including notation; basic historical and stylistic concepts; and melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic listening.


1. Read and hear pitches, note values, meters, rhythms, and scales/modes.

2. Analyze musical examples re form, harmony, rhythm, and melody.

3. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the historical development of Western music.

Student Learning Outcomes

A. Utilize a basic vocabulary for the appreciation of music.

B. Aurally identify performance media and musical genres.

C. Aurally identify Western classical music styles and major works from each stylistic period.

D. Discuss the contributions of major composers to Western classical music literature.

E. Relate a historical/social perspective to the development and evolution of Western classical music styles.

F. Relate Western classical music styles to stylistic movements in art and literature.

G. Compare and contrast Western classical music styles to Western popular music styles and various non-Western musical traditions.

Grading and Evaluation (approx.)

Attendance/Participation - Fall-Spring 1700 / Summer 1200

Quizzes - Fall-Spring 1600 / Summer 1200

Reviews - Fall-Spring 200

Score Legend

A 100-90

B 89-80

C 79-70

D 69-60

F 59-0

Concert Attendance

Students are required to attend two concerts per semester. At least one should be by the DVC music department and (not necessarily the same presentation) primarily of Western Classical music (band, chamber, choral, opera, orchestral). Reviews of each event will identify the concert (who, what, when, and where), and comment on salient elements. The first review will be due by mid-term; the second by the week before the final.

Reviews should have a:
Lede Sentence
Basic News Facts
Good Mechanics / Style (endeavor to avoid 1st person)
Perceptive Content

For example formats, feel free to check reviews at
The New York Times
San Francisco Chronicle
21st-Century Music (

Late Assignments

There will be a 10% grade penalty on all assignments up to a week late. Assignments more than one week late will receive a failing grade. Only quizzes missed due to excused absences may be made up. Such quizzes must be made up within one week or receive a failing grade.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all class meetings. Required texts only supplement class meetings. Thus, attendance to all class meetings is essential to the successful completion of the course. Poor attendance has always resulted in a poor grade, while excellent attendance has always been a prerequisite to an excellent grade. Students who miss more than two weeks of class may be dropped without notice.

Academic Dishonesty

Students found cheating or plagiarizing will be subject to Student Code of Conduct disciplinary procedures. Please refer to the Diablo Valley College Catalog.

Artistic Borrowing

Students found borrowing, gridding, modeling, or troping will be congratulated. Please refer to the history of art, the universe, and everything.

Syllabus (Fall-Spring)

Week 1

Prehistoric Music

Week 2

Ancient Music

Week 3

Medieval Music I

Week 4

Medieval Music II

Week 5

Renaissance Music

Week 6

Baroque Music


Classical / Romantic Music I

Week 8

Romantic Music II


20th-Century Music I

Week 10

20th-Century Music II

Week 11

20th-Century Music III

Week 12

20th-Century Music IV

Week 13

20th-Century Music V

Week 14

21st-Century Music

Week 15


Week 16


Week 17


Syllabus (Summer)

Week 1

Prehistoric Music
Ancient Music

Week 2

Medieval Music I
Medieval Music II

Week 3

Renaissance Music
Baroque Music

Week 4

Classical / Romantic Music I
Romantic Music II

Week 5

20th-Century Music I
20th-Century Music II

Week 6

20th-Century Music III
20th-Century Music IV / 21st-Century Music

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